Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The named was changed to "The Chiropractic Method" due to a few things. The idea of being a warrior is something that must be worked for and proven over a period of time, through effort and sweat -- we are not there yet. The word method is closer to the idea that I am learning techniques which are different from established medicine, ie a different method of health care. Third, this new title reflects that Chiropractic is a system and has many facets which will be explored here.

Enjoy the Holidays!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Body is a Community

The human body is amassed of trillions of cells working as individuals in full, self-less support of the integrity of the whole. It is a community of mutually assured success. In a healthy and balanced body, no cell hoards more than is necessary or more than it needs at the expense of its neighbor. There is an agreement on some level that the individual cells are better off if they work together. The sum total of all cell bodies and tissues is the human body. Medicine does not address the view that the body is far better than any "medicine" at healing itself. In viewing the body as a community of trillions of cells, under a programming system designed to maximize efficiency and harmony, Chiropractic philosophy relies on the qualities inherent in the body for the healing and health positive effects of adjustments.
Every unnecessary surgery and over-prescribed anti-biotic represents an assault on the fabric of community which holds the body together. The idea that we are justified in destroying the body in our attempts to heal it results in unnecessary deaths and suppression of essential body functions. To think that the body is incapable of healing itself is egotistical. We depend not only on our cells but also on trillions more bacteria cells without which we could not perform life-essential functions like digestion. The current treatment of cancer in the medical community is the ultimate manifestation of attacking the patient instead of the disease. How are patients going to survive when medicine destroys the patients' ability to heal?
Medicine has an important but limited role in Health. Medicine is very adept at preventing death. And once a patient survives medical treatment that individual, while no longer at death's door, is still very far from health (see chart). Once symptoms are reduced or suppressed the Allopath is very limited in offering useful services to the patient.

Who then is skilled at restoring health and vitality? Who can provide the care necessary for the patient to become healthy, not merely managing symptoms? Chiropractic of course! Chiropractic is the way for the patient to restore and increase health. The nervous system is the most important part of the body and that is precisely why Chiropractic care is so effective. Proper alignment of the skull and spine allows for proper functioning of the nervous system, which in turn increases health across a broad spectrum.
Patients must recognize Chiropractic as the vehicle for the restoration and maintenance of health. Simply put, we seek to put you in the form you were designed to have. We see the body as more than the sum of its parts; as mysterious yet predictable; integrated at a higher level than even the brightest minds on Earth could grasp. From this perspective we seek to remove "stress" from the system, to preserve the community of the human body, and to maintain an optimum level of nervous system function. The end result of this type of care is a higher level of function of both body and mind.

Yours in Health,