Wednesday, June 9, 2010

DC - Doctor of Cause

Doctor of Chiropractic is written DC and it means Doctor of Cause. That distinction is important in a world where most decisions are made by treating symptoms. The assumption is erroneous that by suppressing symptoms the body will be healthier. What we call symptoms - runny noses, sneezing, headaches, muscle aches, etc. - are intelligent responses by the body to rid itself of an offending substance. The body never makes mistakes. Never. If perfection exists in this Universe then I suggest the human body as a perfect example.

Being a Doctor of Cause means that a Chiropractor is a healer. Healing is not about covering something up, or kicking the can down the road to deal with it later. Its all about doing the right thing, the difficult thing, to correct the underlying problem. That is healing. Its getting to the root cause of the problem no matter how difficult or frightening that might be.

Our culture is in crisis on many levels, esp. financially where we are collectively kicking the can down the road for the next group of people to bail us out or or deal with our debt. The analogy to the human body is pertinent. By going into debt, borrowing beyond our means, encouraging consumption, we have created a swath of financial and moral cancer that is slowly killing the patient - our economy. The debt and materialism are consuming our resources like a metastatic tumor, taking wealth without producing more in its place. Treating the cause of the problem - too much debt, not enough savings - requires touch decisions, personal sacrifice, careful planning and discipline.

Its the same with our human bodies. People want to have a quick fix. A magic pill. The fantasy that a lifetime of wrong decisions can be rectified without any personal effort, growth, or sacrifice is a powerful one - just look at the strong sales of pharmaceutical drugs. The trouble is that a drug without side-effects is no drug at all. Hundreds of millions of people are taking powerful, dangerous drugs for conditions that could be treated with holistic, natural, and safe health care. We are collectively very sick because everything is out of balance in our lives. The great lie is that only Medicine can cure what ails you, and since Medicine is another way of saying drugs and surgery, then that's all you are going to get! With few exceptions, an MD today is mostly just a drug-doctor. That's the only tool they have. Its effective in life-threatening situations, but entirely counter-productive and outright devastating 95% of the time when the root cause of the problem is simply glossed over by taking drugs that mask symptoms.

Listen, I was raised to believe that we are the greatest country on Earth. If that is true then why are we the sickest first-world nation in the world? Something doesn't compute. The issue is not whether or not we know how to fix our problems of disease in America. The issue is are we willing? Sadly there is so much money to be made in the unnecessary suffering of human beings that the task of getting healthy lies squarely on the shoulders of individuals. It will not come from the top down so the issue then is one of individuals choosing the right path, the life that resonates with their spirit - the path of healing.

Chiropractic is the greatest profession of healing ever gifted to mankind. Chiropractors are educated at the same level of scientific understanding and technical knowledge as medical doctors. Philosophy is the difference between those that treat symptoms and those that treat causes. Chiropractic philosophy is based on the premise that the world is inherently a spiritual world manifest in the physical realm. Modern science confirms what Chiropractic has said for a long time - that the mind controls matter. Read Bruce Lipton for more information on that topic.

There is no better healing profession than one where doctors are trained to understand and treat the cause of disease. These are healers. They are unique and powerful persons who are licensed by the law of the land to physically touch another human. The greatness of chiropractic comes from the skills of the hands. Touch is an act of power and should be regarded with utmost respect. A skilled chiropractor will understand the language of medicine and science and apply the latest advances in clinical nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, rehabilitation, neurology, etc. to create health from the inside out. This is the difference between being a Healer and a mechanic.

If you think that the human body is simply a machine, destined to perform preprogrammed functions over and over until the end, then you won't need a healer, you'll need a mechanic. It doesn't matter if you treat the machine like crap for 20 years, you'll just swap out parts as they wear out. This is the attitude people have with their bodies. Just keep abusing it until something needs to be replaced. These same people will be taking better care of their 20 thousand dollar cars that they can go and replace once they wear it out than they will of their own body. We only have a single body, one, and its ours to take care of!

What makes Chiropractic great is that there are no drugs or surgeries involved in getting patients well. Its about changing your life. Health is a reward for correct decisions. By touching patients with their hands chiropractors communicate to the patient on a level few other practitioners ever will. Imagine how powerful a doctor would be if this person knew the skills of the naturopath, the science and biochemistry of the medical doctor, and then combined everything with vast knowledge of caring for the human structure. That is a potent combination that can handle everything life throws at us, save those rare emergencies where medical attention at hospitals is absolutely necessary. Using the principals of treating subluxations, of using nutrition, and of educating patients on being healthy, Chiropractors represent the future of healing. The future of healing is bright for those with the courage and open mind to work with a chiropractor on finding the root cause of disease. Remember, DC means Doctor of Cause.