Friday, August 13, 2010

Toxins in the Home - Cosmetics

Below you will find a great video which highlights a major route of toxic exposure in our lives. The power of marketing is profound and we are living in a world where garbage and poison is packaged with beautiful packages and pushed by gorgeous celebrities. We begin to ignore what the products are made of, but instead focus on what the products represent - sex, power, self-esteem, success...Do not assume this is by accident. The only way to successfully navigate the minefield of modern life with your health intact is to raise your awareness. Take a minute and watch this excellent video which puts the facts out there for all to see.

It is important to remember that we should only put things on our skin that we would be okay putting in our mouths. Our bodies are one harmonious unit and whatever enters our skin, enters our body. This is especially true under the arms where there exist large sweat glands and pores which open up and allow whatever products we use to enter our bodies. A large part of taking back your health starts with using non-toxic personal care products.

Try this at home:
1. Grab a product from your bathroom you suspect may be toxic.
2. Navigate to where you can type in the name of your product.
3. Read the evidence and then decide if that is a product you wish to keep using.
4. IF your product is toxic - THROW IT OUT!
5. Search for safe products that will leave you feeling clean, refreshed, and unpolluted!

When you are considering a practitioner or health care provider, it is important to realize that most medical and alternative practitioners are unaware of the toxic burdens we encounter every day. The medical profession is predisposed to cover up the symptoms of toxicity by suppressing physiology. The alternative health care modalities offer more hope by using holistic approaches, but still many fall short. Make sure you find a natural, holistic health care provider who is trained in the use of Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition. These select practitioners are trained to work with your physiology using natural, safe vitamins and minerals to help reduce the toxic burden of your body. A common program will consist of a modified elimination diet, a medical food powder, and various other nutritional complexes designed for your specific biological profile. How cool is that to have health care designed around you as an individual?

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